The Gemstone Team

If you’re looking for a business writer or  editor, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a content production team that seamlessly performs both these functions while creating and refining strategic content for your audience, you are definitely in the right place. Welcome to Gemstone Media, Inc.

monelle-profile-picMonelle Smith

Monelle brings an energetic flair for message and voice to business communications. She approaches each project with care to ensure that every word works hard to help you achieve your goals, and likes nothing better than sitting down to a nice, juicy content marketing project. She has written for a wide variety of clients in different industries, giving her the ability to quickly distill brand essence.

Monelle focuses on supporting her clients’ brands and marketing efforts with sound strategy. Her project plan always begins with the three pillars of marketing: message, audience, and call to action. Every project is informed by the fundamentals, so clients can be sure the final deliverables will be supremely useful to sales staff.

IanIan Smith

A professional editor and writer for more than 17 years, Ian’s experienced eye for copy organization, efficiency, and clarity enhance the quality of every project. He is fluent in Chicago, AP, Microsoft, and other style guides, and shines and polishes language to maintain your brand’s professional image without sacrificing readability.

Ian has worked as a copyeditor for several of the Pacific Northwest’s top advertising agencies and design firms. His clients depend on him to maintain their brand voice and persuasive tone without losing sight of the fundamentals of language construction and formatting.

What do we do better than our competitors?

Cam_GreenFirst, we learn quickly. That’s crucial on a new project, as we’re learning about your products, services, corporate voice, audience, message, and USP. Our shorter learning curve means less of your time has to be spent on each project.

Second, we get to know your audience. It’s not enough to know a product’s features—a business writer needs to understand whom to write to, and how to showcase the product’s benefits persuasively for them.

What else?

Well, we don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty decent at grabbing just the right words to communicate your message—and we don’t take all day to get to the point.

If what we do is what you need, contact us to schedule a phone consult to chat about how Gemstone Media can create the content you’ve been seeking.

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