Copywriting for online content and traditional print mediaGreat business writing isn’t just stringing together some well-chosen words. It’s more than simply using correct grammar and punctuation.

Effective writing captures your brand message. It balances persuasive writing and professional tone. It digs deep into your audience’s point of view and finds the call to action that will convert prospects to customers.

RisingLIneWhen you hire a freelance writer to create white papers, case studies, bios, or brochures, you need to find one who understands what the project needs to accomplish. How does it affect readers? What does it do for your company’s bottom line?

Your writer must be able to strategize, plan, and execute. You need a writer who brings all the necessary skills to the table.

What is at stake?

Without solid strategies and skills behind each project, your marketing materials won’t be as powerful as they could be—as they should be. That means not as many prospects become customers. Sales figures may not reach their potential. A failure to plan and execute an effective marketing piece can affect the entire company.

AweNaturalYour best resource

When you invest in a marketing piece, you should be confident that you’re hiring a writer who can do more than write. Your writer needs to be able to function as a member of your team. Ideally, he or she will hit the ground running, be a quick learner, and be able to determine how to position your products without a lengthy learning curve. And finally, your writer must be easy to work with and dependable.

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