Creating Connections: The Magic Trick Your Sales & Marketing Team Can’t Afford to Ignore

magic_wand_for_marketingWhat company wouldn’t like to use magic to help close sales? A member of your sales team would approach an interested prospect, wave their magic wand, and poof!—a handful of your company’s satisfied customers would appear, ready to tell the prospect how happy they are with your company’s products or services. These past customers start doing the selling for you by relating to the prospect because they’re similar—whether in their industry, business needs, or challenges—and your offering alleviated the same pain points that your prospect is currently struggling to solve.

case_studies_60Now that they’ve seen what your company has done for others, your prospect understands the benefits you provide. They’ve talked with peers whose workday you’ve made easier. Doubts are eased, commitment is raised, and your prospect is ready and excited to close the deal.

But you don’t have a magician on staff just now. So, how do you make real magic happen?

The Real-Life Magic of Case Studies

The magical help from satisfied customers becomes reality when you present your prospects with well-written case studies. That’s the magic method that connects your past customers with your future customers. A solid case study gives those on the fence a story with far more substance than a one- or two-sentence testimonial. Prospects are able to get a complete story: problem – action – solution.

For best results, make sure your case study is strategically planned to maximize this opportunity to connect past and future customers. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Make it no more than 1-2 pages with plenty of breaks in text.
  • Include a photo or two if appropriate.
  • Spend some time highlighting the customer’s situation before they purchased from you.
  • Give details with facts and figures on how your offering improved their work or life.
  • Quote your customer. Highlight great quotes in sidebars.
  • Want to get fancy? Produce a podcast or video with customers and link to it in the case study.

Need a compelling case study? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote tailored to your project.

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