Economy of Hope

Plenty of us have reasons to complain about the economy. It’s easy to get discouraged when you (or your friends and family) are losing a home, a job, or your faith in the American dream.

I’m right with you. My family and business have been hit pretty hard by the economic downturn. But in these troubled times, I see a deep source of hope: the future. Here are my optimistic predictions.

  • Children today will grow up in more fiscally cautious homes. Hard times in childhood produce careful, thoughtful spenders. They will likely carry far less frivolous debt than their parents.
  • Businesses will become more accountable, more civilized, and more responsible. The road to success will depend not just on a quick ravage of the market, but developing trusting relationships with clients and customers.
  • Our economy will center on needs, not unsustainable luxuries. When people don’t have money to waste, they buy what they need—and what they need is what our future economy will provide.

While we suffer today, we can find comfort in the thought that our children will learn from our errors. May they enjoy a brighter tomorrow than the today we’ve shown them.

To read more on this, check out this great article on about looking to the future.

Monelle Smith blogs for Gemstone Media, located in Boise, Idaho.

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