Got Work? Don’t Brag!

So you’ve got a good job, but a friend or loved one doesn’t? Communication and foresight are the keys to avoid ruffling feathers. Here are six tips to help everyone cope in this economy.

  • Pay it forward — If things are going well for you, go out of your way to spread the joy. Network for your unemployed friends and family, even if it’s a long stretch. Creative solutions can help everyone survive this downturn.
  • Think outside the box  If you’re an employer waiting to hire a “perfect-fit” specialist, consider finding a hard worker and training them for the job. Everyone wins—your new employee get new job skills; you get a grateful worker.
  • Keep in touch — Your friends in distressed situations may be cutting back on everything from eating out and cell phone minutes, to birthday gifts and entertaining. Find creative ways to include them without breaking their budget.
  • Don’t gloat — There are some amazing deals to be had right now, but keep in mind that they come from desperate companies. Go ahead and vacation for pennies on the dollar, but don’t brag about it. And tip, tip, tip.
  • Ask — Before you pass on tips about “amazing deals” your underemployed friends might not be able to afford, check if they’re in the market. Just because it’s a deal doesn’t mean they’re spending money on it.
  • Keep it down — Of course your friends are glad for you when you get a promotion or raise. But if they’re struggling to feed their family, keep the celebrations to a minimum. Write your happy feelings down in a journal—you can gush later, when they’re progressing, too.

Monelle Smith blogs for Gemstone Media, located in Boise, Idaho.

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