Make the Message

You’ve got a project in mind. Some flyers, new Web site content, or maybe a print ad for the phone book. But what should it say?

It’s all about the message. When you’re creating a new marketing piece, whether flyers, site content, a press release, or a print ad it’s important to keep a few points in mind.

    • Audience. A vague sense of your prospects is not sufficient, and neither is saying “anybody I can get.” Know who your piece is aimed at: Homeowners? Business owners? Kids? Government agencies? Your language should be different for various audiences.
    • Problems. People dip into their pockets to fill unmet needs, which we call problems. Do they need faster delivery options? Perhaps they long for genuine, personal service. Know what they need, and work to fill that need.
    • Solutions. Here’s where your message comes in. Show them the goods: Will you drive across town to hand-deliver your products? Do you follow up with customers post-sale to verify satisfaction? Make sure you’re offering what the audience needs, and you’ll change prospects to customers.

Download Gemstone Media’s free do-it-yourself content creation guide to help you get your marketing thoughts in order. So go ahead, create something great. And if you decide you’d like a professional writer-editor team to craft that message for youwell, we can take care of that.

Best wishes with your marketing!

Monelle Smith blogs for Gemstone Media, Inc., in Boise, Idaho.

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