New Take on Comment Cards

You know what a comment card is: a tidy way for businesses to elicit feedback from customers by encouraging them to rate the business in several categories such as “cleanliness of restrooms” or “speed of service.” These cards have checkboxes to check or numbers to circle, and a couple of lines to write something along the lines of “great service” or “you stink.” Customers can drop them in a box on site or drop them in the mail, and businesses have this regular, reliable source of insight into their customers’ thinking.

Or maybe not. Seattle-based Kinesis has come up with a fantastic new take on comment cards. Forget about categories. Forget about checkboxes. People don’t go to the trouble of picking up a comment card so they can honestly evaluate their satisfaction on a five-point scale. They only bother to comment when they’re ecstatic or furiousor have nothing better to do.

So how can you find out your customers’ opinions? Kinesis says, just let them tell you. Give them lots of fat lines on a blank piece of paper. Does it take more time to tally results? You bet. Is it worth the time, in terms of building a brand people trust? What do you think?

Check out the entire Kinesis article. Then go write up some new comment cards for your company.

Monelle Smith blogs for Gemstone Media, Inc., in Boise, Idaho.

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