Teen Job Hunting Helps

job hunt iconFinding a job is always hard, but when it’s your first job, it can seem almost impossible. We recently spoke to a local group of teens ages 16 and 17 about job hunting for teens. We talked with them about creating your first resume and how to prepare for a job interview.

teen resume templateIf you’re in the same situation (or you know a teen who is), you might use this teen resume template we created. It’s a great starting point for showing future employers all the positive qualities you’ve developed during your years at school (and at home and in your neighborhood).

teen job interview questions and tipsOnce you have a solid resume, it’s time to prepare for your first interview. We recommend you print off our teen job interview questions and tips so you can prepare confident answers to common interview questions. Then sit down with a friend or parent and have them hold a mock interview. They can ask you questions as the interviewer—and you can ask them a few questions as well! (Don’t worry; they’re all on the sheet for you.)

Once you’ve created your resume, gotten through a few interviews, and landed a job, let us know! We’re proud to support today’s youth as they grow and achieve their potential.



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