Terms of Work

We have been privileged to work with a variety of wonderful clients through the years! We want our new clients know what to expect when working with Gemstone Media. That helps us create  a stress-free, productive work environment for everyone involved.

  • Green_RubinoMost larger projects, such as full website copy or a white paper, are complete within six weeks. Smaller projects can usually be completed within two weeks.
  • We either bill hourly with a cap or bid a fixed fee for each project.
  • A fixed fee includes two rounds of revision to copy and one round of proofreading in layout.
  • Most of our work is completed through conference calls, emails, ftp file-sharing, and other connection methods. However, if you prefer to have us on site for a project, we can arrange for travel to your location at cost.
  • We ask that you pay one third of our fee before starting work, one third upon delivery of the first draft, and the remaining third after final handoff of all deliverables. If you’d like, read what our clients say about our work.
  • Creating high-quality work is a joint effort. If you aren’t willing to provide us with background material and help us to understand what your company does, what sets it apart from its competitors, what your customers’ pain points are, and how your products or services solve problems, it’s unlikely we will be happy working together.
  • Of course, just like any other reputable vendor, we keep all proprietary information strictly confidential, including your contact information. 

Do you have a question about our terms? Contact us using the form below.

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