Tips for Professional Bloggers

So the boss wants a company blog, the marketing guy says it’s great for SEO, and your supervisor says you’re the lucky employee who’ll write it.

What do you do next? Here are some tips on professional blogging to get you started.

  • Find your Niche — You can’t be all things to all people. Decide what arena you can comfortably “own” and make it work.
  • Frame it  Create a format that works for you. Do you provide commentary? Helpful links? Hot-topic articles? Knowing before you start will take a lot of the stress out of this new project.
  • Think First  Blog content stays on the Web a long time. Don’t say anything you might regret tomorrow—or next year.
  • Pace Yourself  Decide on a reasonable posting frequency, then stick to it. Don’t let the euphoria of blogging lead to excessive early posts and the accompanying burnout.
  • Keep It Real  The blog gives people a taste of your company’s personality, so let that shine through. Avoid the temptation to turn your postings into a lifeless marketing brochure.
  • Check, Check, and Recheck  Errors look unprofessional. Get a proofreader to read over postings. If your company is struggling in this economy, offer to barter products or services, or buy lunch as a thank-you.

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